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Your Guide to Retiring to Thailand



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Retired Life in Thailand

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Retire 2 Thailand  was developed solely to help those retiring or thinking about retiring to Thailand to learn about Thai history, Thai culture, watch videos on Thai cooking, learn about Thai real estate, take your first Thai language lessons, listen to recordings of Thai music, watch Thai dancing, learn how to get long-term visas, and lots more. We have nothing to sell.

The Baby Boomer generation world-wide is close to retirement age and many are beginning to realize that they just might be priced out of a retirement in their home countries in Europe, America, Australia, and other parts of Asia. They are looking for a place to spend their senior years; a place of safety and comfort with a cost of living that won’t throw them into poverty. For anyone thinking of relocating it is time to find out if Thailand could be that place.

If visiting Retire 2 Thailand  is your first step to a retired life in Thailand then you are in for an interesting and exciting journey. In recent years more and more people, from all parts of the world, are discovering that a life in Thailand for all or even parts of a year can be a pleasurable, gratifying, interesting, and relaxing, experience. And this experience comes with a lush tropical climate, wonderful smiling people, great food, and all at a cost of living that we can afford.

                                     Purpose of this site

Retire 2 Thailand  is a site dedicated to those who want to learn more about what a retired life in Thailand has to offer. It is not always easy to pull up stakes and move halfway around the world to a strange, albeit exotic place. The customs are different, the language is different, the food is different, the weather is different. There will be a thousand and one questions that each prospective retiree will have before making that leap. We would like to help you in getting answers to these questions so you can make a decision based on knowledge instead of making it a "leap of faith".

Our site contains pages of information that attempt to offer you this knowledge. Being retired here ourselves we have tried to think of what information a newcomer would need in order to make a good decision. When it was feasible we included information on our own pages. In other instances, instead of reinventing the wheel, we lead you to popular sites on the Web that offer accurate information on the featured topic. We have tried to choose links that are the least commercial, having the fewest ads and the most information. These pages will give you a start to learning about Thailand.

Retire 2 Thailand   is a non-profit endeavor and the few sponsored links are here to help pay for the maintenance of the site.

If, as the Confucian adage goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" then let Retire 2 Thailand   be the first step in your journey to discover what a future life in Thailand might have to offer.

Email us at info@retire2thailand.com

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