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Cost of Living in Thailand

There is probably nothing more subjective than what your cost of living is.  One reason many people consider retiring to Thailand is that they have heard that the cost of living is much cheaper there.  That is mostly true.  On the other hand you might keep your present cost of living and spend the same amount you would in your home country - and your "quality" of living might be much higher here.  This all depends on you and your needs, your finances, and also your desires.

Bangkok and the touristy parts of the country (Pattaya, Phuket beach front, Chiang Mai resorts, Hua Hin golf course villas) can be pretty pricey even by western standards. Then again you can live very simply in other parts of the country on very little.  Since the cost of living is so subjective it is probably better to look at the "cost of stuff".  How much does "stuff" cost in Thailand?  A lot of that depends on what part of the country you are in. 

Below are some links to what individuals have been paying for "stuff".

Check out our Retire2Thailand blog.  We have posted a discussion of the cost of living in Thailand. 

Ajarn.com: A number of expats tell how much they earn, save and spend for everyday stuff.

ESLJunction.com: Gives the prices paid for the basics.

ThaiWebSites.com: Tells what they pay for accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

Retirement-Resort.com:  Gives the basics and includes entertainment, golf, etc.  Includes a convenient Thai budget calculator.

ThailandQA.com:  Answers the questions of what current Farang needs cost.

OrientExpat.com:  Discusses renting, utilities, and food.


The cost of living is very subjective.