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Just recently a friend of mine said to me, "How can you play a game when all you do is chase a little white ball around?"  I could have felt slighted by that comment if it weren't for the fact that that is just what I used to say when I met a golfer.  That is until my heart decided to misfire.

It was during one of my twice weekly basketball games.  Things went dark and the next thing I knew I was in the emergency room with a wildly erratic



  Luckily I live in Thailand.  Thailand has hundreds of golf courses, most in beautiful surroundings and most green fees are much less than the equivalent course would be back home.  Golf has become a major attraction for tourists as well as Expats. If you are retired and living in Thailand then playing golf is something you might want to look into. 
heartbeat.  It took a while, some electric shocks to the heart and lots of medication but the old ticker got to beating regularly again.But that was it for basketball, and no more marathons for me, or rock climbing and I even had to give up my weekly karate lessons.  What was a poor hyperactive, highly competitive boy of 55 like me to do?  The answer was golf.  And as it turns out golf is the hardest sport I have ever tried.

Little was I to realize that I had taken up a very expensive, very frustration endeavor.  Mark Twain called golf "A good walk spoiled."  Only a true golfer could say that.  As most golfers know golf is a stupid,  illogical, irritating, time consuming, costly, and very difficult habit.  And completely addictive.









  If you can't play yet there are lots of golf pros who can give you lessons at very reasonable prices.

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