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International Schools

Thailand has many international schools in Bangkok and other cities around the country where the curriculum is in English.  Many will be internationally accredited.  It is best to talk with someone who is familiar with the school you are interested in and see what their experiences have been.  Some will be religious oriented and others secular.  Some will be British based and others American.  Some take in boarders, some cater to commuting students and some have both.

We suggest you do as much research as you can, talk to as many people as you can, and before making a decision pay a visit to the school you are thinking about.  Below are some links to help you get started.


International Schools Association of Thailand

ISAT has over 75 member schools.  This is their main website which will link you to individual schools.


Lists many of the top international schools in Bangkok and around the country.


An independent guide to internationals schools in Thailand.