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Vocabulary Building

Speaking Thai is difficult enough but some people believe that reading Thai is virtually impossible for a westerner.  Of course that is not true.  But what is true is that learning to read Thai takes quite an effort.

There are quite a few books, and online programs that can help you to begin to read Thai (check out the Thai Language section on this website).  But there are a lot fewer advanced books that will help you once you have achieved a beginner's proficiency. 

So, when I needed to work at a more advanced Thai reading level, I wrote my own textbooks (for myself to begin with).  Below is what I came up with.  It turns out that reading is one of the best and quickest ways to build a solid Thai vocabulary. 

If you are looking for a more advanced Thai reader and/or would like to work on increasing your Thai vocabulary, please feel free to work with and download the two Thai readers and the vocabulary list below. 

From one who is working hard at learning Thai, to another.

Lots of luck.



Advance Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building Volume 1


Note: Contains 25 short reading lessons and a glossary of hundreds of new vocabulary words.


Advance Thai Reading and Vocabulary Building Volume 2


Note:  Contains 25 reading lessons, glossary of more than 350 words, Thai abbreviations, English transcribed words.


Vocabulary List for Volumes 1 and 2


Note:  Contains all the vocabulary, glossary, abbreviations, and English words written in Thai for Volumes 1 and 2.  Convenient for printing to use as a reference.