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Retirees' Stories

When trying to make a decision about whether a place is right for you it is always a good idea to hear what people who are living there have to say.  Here are some links to Expat blogs on the internet who have put down their stories of retiring in Thailand.  we will add more stories as time goes on.  Feel free to send us your story by leaving it on our Retirees Forum .


Story of early retirement


  Here’s a story of what it takes to retire to Thailand in your 50s.


Living in Chiang Mai


  Stories of how 6 retirees got from there to here.


Romance and retirement



This is a story of a person who has fallen in love – with a place.


Living in the Golden Triangle



Big cities aren’t the only places that retirees have found to their liking.


Feel-good story






Many retired men come to Thailand and begin new relationships here.  Some work out well, others not so well.  For every feel-good story there are a number of stories of relationship disasters.  He is a story of one retiree’s  relationship that seems to have turned out OK.


Want to start a farm?





It’s the dream of many people to move out of the city and go back to the land.  Not a few of those people have moved to Thailand and done just that.  Here is a story of one family from America that have become rice farmers.


Want to buy property in Thailand?






If you are thinking of coming to Thailand and buying your homestead you might want to think again.  A foreigner cannot own land in Thailand but many use various loop holes in the law to do so, or they simply put the land in a girlfriend’s, Thai wife’s, or a friend’s name. Read this sotry to see if that is something you might want to do.