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Thai Dance

Thai dance is subtle, graceful, and beautiful.  The dancers train from the time they are children.  Lately though it is rare to see a performance of traditional Thai dancing anywhere other than the various tourist hotels and restaurants.  But Thailand still has schools that teach traditional music, dance, and theater and they are working to retain their traditions.  Below are some links to give you a glimpse of this beautiful art form.
A Reborn tradition - A New York Times article with beautiful pictures of traditional Thai dancers and the making of their elaborate costumes.

The Kinnaris Dance -  This is a video of this very traditional dance where the dancer portrays a mythical half bird half woman in flight.

Ramakian Dance - This video shows the Ramakian dance, the mythical Thai story of Indian origin (Ramayana) where armies of giants clash with the armies of magical monkeys.

Traditional dance and orchestra - This video shows pretty much what kind of entertainment would be provided in a royal Thai palace.  You can see classical dancing to the music of a complete traditional Thai orchestra.