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Videos of Everyday Thailand

The following short videos are of everyday things in Thailand, like where you might live, to where you might shop, to what the roads in Thailand look like.  We have broken the videos up into smaller files so that they won't take so long to download.


Farmers Market

Most expats will probably shop at the modern supermarkets that have sprung up all over Thailand.  But if you live upcountry or you want to shop the way the majority of Thai villagers shop then visit this Farmers market.


The Tong Kai Market

Entering the Market

Sea Food at the Market

Vegetables at the Market

Making a Sale

Eggs and Chicken at the Market

Necessities at the Market

Flowers at the Market


Housing Compound 

Most expats living in Thailand will live either in a condo or a house.  The most convenient house to live in is usually in a compound or gated community.  Here we take you on a very short tour of a small housing compound in Chiang Mai where you can see what a typical house looks like and how much they cost to own or to rent.

For most expats renting is the best answer.  Houses and condo rentals are inexpensive and their are lots available.  But if you have questions about buying land in Thailand check out our section on Real Estate on this site.


     Starting theTour 


     Rental House 


     The Park 

     One Story House 

     House for Sale 

     End of Tour 


Home Improvement Center

It used to be difficult finding things for the house.  You would have to run all around town to find what you needed and then you would have only a small selection.  Recently a Thai entrepreneur, who started with one small shop in Korat, opened a chain of home improvement centers.  We tour one here.

Besides home improvement centers that are like Home Depot and Lowes in the States there are other large stores, some similar to WalMart, others more like Sam's Club or Costco.  You may or may not like shopping at these large places but they sure make life here more convenient. And very often the prices are less expensive.




     Entering the Store


     More Selection