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Women in Thailand

      We read a lot about foreign men living in Thailand, why they come and why they stay.  Lots have been written about men but very little about foreign women living here.  Women come to live in Thailand for many reasons.  They come as tourists and then elect to stay for longer periods because of Thailand's attractive lifestyle.  They come to retire.  They come to work in the international schools and to teach English.  They work as writers and editors and in NGOs and in all the fields that men work in.  They come to study, Thai, Buddhism, Yoga, massage, and cooking.  The fall in love and stay to start families.  And a large number accompany their foreign husbands who come here on corporate and international contracts.

     Women and children who follow their husbands and fathers here can have a very difficult time acclimating. Men can move into jobs and identities that they are very familiar with but women and children are totally uprooted from all their familiar routines and connections and must find entirely new ones on their own.

     There are many organizations in Thailand that help women and their families to adjust to life in Thailand.  Below is a list of some of them.  You can also check out one of the expat clubs in Thailand many of which will have organizations for women and families .

American Women's Club

Australian-New Zealand Women's Club

Bangkok Network of Women

British Women's Group Bangkok

International Women’s Club

Thailand American Women's Club (Newcomers Club)